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My experience with Hamilton Driving Schoool was amazing. They taught me each and everything by explaining and showing me each and every process. I am happy with the value I got and my licence.

Amazing Experience - Monica

With Hamilton Driving School's experts I was able to get hold on my driving easily. As a rookie they have treated me good and ignored my mistakes and guided me on every single step. I'm glad that I made it finally.

Expert Advice - Lucil

The way I got the learning lessons, I'm amazed with the professional training tactics. Friedy was calm and easy. I finally got my license and I'm happy with that.

Very Knowledgeable - Carla

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  • Personal Driving

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  • Personal Driving

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  • G Test Preparation Package Regular

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     Road Test Passes 100%

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  • G2 Test Preparation Package Regular

    Get 3 x 60min One-to-One

     Vehicle for Road Test

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As various licenses have differeing requirements, just drop us a line via our contact form or give us a call at 905-966-0884.

Yes you can. As there are differences between which documents a citizen is to carry versus a immigrant, contact us and we will assist you further with what is required. You may also visit the official handbook here, for all details.

To apply for any other license outside of Class G, you must first possess class G. The only exception is motocycles. You may get a motocycle License (Class M) without first getting a Class G license.

After handing in the relevant documents, depending on the type of G license being done, various time-spans and tests must be done. Contact us and we'll help you out.

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5 Facts You May Not Have Known

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Requirements For Driving In Ontario

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